Who We Are

The Vale and Downland Bee Keepers’ Association
is run for the membership by the following committe members and officers:

President:John Valentine
Vice Presidents:Stan Gutteridge
Paul Jarvis
Chairperson:Lilian Valentine
Vice-chairperson:Michael Havard-Bilton
Hon Secretary:
Email: Jane.greenhalgh@lineone.net
Jane Greenhalgh
Tel: 01235 760157
Hon Treasurer:Mrs Lyn Barker
Tel: 01235 524054
Exam/Education Coordinator:Lilian Valentine
Membership Secretary:
Email: jvalentine515@btinternet.com
Lilian Valentine
Tel: 01235 767524
Swarms and Spray Warning:Lilian Valentine
Tel: 01235 767524
Committee:Matt Aldridge
Peter Barker
Heather Burford
Sam Burford
Ryalla Knight
John Valentine
BBKA Delegate*Maurice Bichard
Tel: 01865 820109
News editor*Lister Hickson
Tel: 01488 648518
Communications Officer*
Sam Burford
Email: press@valeanddownlandbees.org.uk
Librarian*Samantha Chapman
* non committee

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