Sara Robb Presentation to V&DBKA

Sara Robb Presentation to V&DBKA on 25 January 2013 – Steven Herbert

Dr Sara Robb gave a presentation to the Association on the anti-aging benefits of honey.  Although Sara couldn’t confirm that honey eaters would have eternal youth, she did note how some of the beekeepers she had met were of a ripe old age.

Honey contains antioxidants and antioxidants protect the body by mopping-up free radicals.  Free radicals are ionised particles which are created through the normal metabolisation of food and drink, but are also created through pollution, radiation, and ultra violet light.  Free radicals are very reactive and as such can cause damage to cells in our bodies.  Sara noted that extreme cell damage to the brain for instance, can result in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Honey and indeed beeswax and propolis are known to have antioxidant properties.  Sara said there was a rough correlation between darker foods and their antioxidant properties, examples include molasses, red cabbage and red wine.  The same is true for honey – honeys on the darker end of the honey-scale have higher antioxidant properties.

In keeping with the antioxidant theme, Sara demonstrated how to make a Beeswax and Honey Cerate.  This recipe is found in her new book – ‘Beauty and the Bees’.  This cerate is typically applied to burns and wounds.

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