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Now that we have the Beginners Evening classes and the festive season behind us we are looking forward to preparing ourselves for the forthcoming season. With this in mind we have decided to start Study groups for those member beekeepers who have completed their first year in beekeeping and wish to help out at the Association Apiary, and also for anyone who is thinking of taking their Basic Assessment in Beekeeping this year.

The plan would be for each study group to go through Course in the Case (Novice version) to make sure that as and when we are teaching the beginners that we are all working from the same ‘Hymn sheet’. The idea is that the beginner is taught and practised the ‘Basics’ in beekeeping before ‘going it alone’. We will also be furthering the knowledge of those beekeepers that have progressed past the ‘beginners’ stage.

If you would like your name added as a participant please contact Lilian Valentine.

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