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From the BBKA:

The BBKA would like to know how you got on this year… It’s been an interesting year for beekeepers. An early, warm spring after an exceptionally hard winter; then many beekeepers reported an unusually long ‘June gap’; parts of the country suffered drought conditions, while there were flash floods elsewhere…

Not surprisingly, as a consequence, there is great interest in what impact this has had on honey bees and honey supplies.  Last year BBKA members reported an average of 32 lbs of honey per hive.

Please spare a few minutes to tell us about your honey crop this year and where your bees went to forage.  The information will be used to help us build of a picture of this season’s honey crop and allow us to make year on year comparisons.

You could win a B&Q gift card worth £250 for taking part

We are hoping at least 1,000 of you will take part, and as encouragement, B&Q who are corporate members of the BBKA, have kindly donated a gift card worth £250 which will go into a prize draw for one completed questionnaire drawn from a hat.

It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete

Please reply by Friday 14th October 2011 at the latest and results will be published in BBKA News.

Thank you for taking part,

Brian Ripley, BBKA Chairman


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