News from the Teaching Apiary

News from the Teaching Apiary.

John and Lilian recently paid a visit to the Teaching Apiary and made sure that all colonies have room whilst they are away. The good new is that thirteen out of the fourteen colonies are fine, but we do have a drone layer in one of the colonies which we will need to deal with. All colonies have now been removed from the Beginners apiary so that it can now be prepared for the new incomers.

A reminder that  The Vale & Downland Beekeepers’ Association will be holding 4 evening meetings during the season for beginners and public. These meetings will be held on Wednesday 4 May, Wednesday 1 June, Wednesday 6 July and Wednesday 3 August, all starting at 1900.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending any of these meetings please contact Lilian Valentine on 01235 767524 or for further information. Venues for these meetings will be decided upon nearer the time. If you cannot make a Wednesday evening please contact Lilian and we will see if we can arrange another evening.

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