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Keepers in Malawi

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 6 March at 7:55am, or at 21.25pm, to hear the Bees for Development Trust, BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Trust Patron and beekeeper Martha Kearney presents the heart-warming story of Prosper Agbeti, from Ghana, whose life was transformed by bees and beekeeping after she attended a free course taught with materials developed and provided by Bees for Development.

The Appeal will also be broadcast on Thursday 10 March at 15.27pm.

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Notes for Editors

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal is a weekly programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations to support its work.

Bees for Development Trust is an international development organisation based in Monmouth, South Wales. Bees for Development works to alleviate poverty in the developing world through the promotion of sustainable beekeeping. The Trust achieves this by:

 Working to raise the profile of beekeeping, with emphasis on the alleviation of poverty, and encouragement of a wider, sustainable economy.

 Always using local resources, building on people’s skills.

 Providing materials for trainers to support community beekeeping activities.

 Answering enquiries from individual beekeepers, projects, honey traders, government institutions, NGOs and organisations worldwide.

 Always encouraging sustainable beekeeping and sharing good examples throughout the developing world.

More information at: and or phone 01600 713648.

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